Our Customers

POWER GENERATION –  Four States Gasket and Rubber, Inc has been providing unique sealing solutions to the energy industry that has significantly contributed to the reduction of expensive engine, turbine, gaskets; high pressure steam valve packing, pump packing and mechanical seals and typical and atypical flange gaskets for 20 plus years.

OIL AND GAS PRODUCTION -Supplying gaskets that meet the extreme conditions that oil and gas production equipment encounter is part of the every day sealing solutions Four States provides oil and gas well site equipment fabrication shops, and oil and gas services companies.

OIL/NATURAL GAS SERVICES – The transportation companies associated with the oil and gas industry present operators with the challenge of keeping their tankers piping connections, hatch way, and sump pump gaskets from leaking.  Four States provides its transportation customers with the latest chemically resistant gasket material and skirt board material that outlast other material used to separate tanks and trailer frames.

REFINERIES AND PROCESSING PLANTS – gaskets are critical components of plant piping systems. When proper gasket styles, materials and components are used, they play an important role by keeping process fluids inside pipes and equipment. Misapplied gaskets lead to leaking flanges — and potentially severe safety, environmental, operating and product-quality consequences.  Four States has been working with refineries and processing plants for 20 plus years.   Providing the right sealing solution is critical in these challenging environments.

MANUFACTURING – The manufacturing industry is varied and requires unique sealing solutions for their piping, pumps and valves, stacks and rotating equipment.  Whether its chemical production, steel recycling, cement production or the food and beverage processing industry, Four States has been their to provide sealing solutions that work.

For more information on how Four States Gasket and Rubber Inc can help with your industrial sealing needs call Steven Liparoto in the Pueblo and Greater Denver area at 720-878-1053 or email sliparoto@fourstatesgasket.com.  In the Four Corners Region call Bobby Beck at  505-320-6202 or email bobby@fourstatesgasket.com.

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