I Need a Round Gasket with Holes In It?

Like any service oriented business, fluid sealing companies, which include your local gasket shops, work hard to provide great customer service, professional fluid sealing advice and “right-now” gasket fabrication. Taken as a whole service package, this is one of the top advantages of having a great working relationship with your local gasket shop.

The variety of fluid sealing problems that customers bring into a gasket shop cover a wide range of gasket materials, shapes, sizes and applications. On a regular basis a customer will walk in and ask if we can make them a gasket for a piece of equipment immediately. When asked about the dimensions or for more information on the gasket they need they’ll say something like, “you know,” “it is a round gasket with holes in it.” Since there are many gaskets that are round with holes in them, that description doesn’t help. Everyone ends up frustrated.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need a gasket made, before you walk into your local gasket shop it helps if you have the information needed to fabricate or select the right gasket for you. A simple way to gather the info needed is to follow The S.T.A.M.P. method.

The S.T.A.M.P. Method

S. – Size. What are the physical dimensions of the gasket you require. If the gasket is an odd shape, bringing in a sample is helpful. In addition, knowing what thickness of! material you need would help too.

T. – Temperature. What is the minimum and maximum temperatures the gasket will have to withstand.

A. – Application. What type of equipment will the gasket go on. I.E., pumps, valves, mixers, vessels, engines, dehydrators, etc.

M. – Media What are you trying seal? If you guess at this one your gasket provider will be guessing as to what will work for you.

P. – Pressure. What is the operating pressure you expect the gasket to hold up to?

S. – Speed. This applies to rotating equipment. What is the shaft speed in fpm?

If you have the answers to the above applicable questions for your needs, your gasket provider has everything they’ll need to supply you with the right gasket for the job.

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