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Four States Gasket and Rubber, Inc has the unique ability to fabricate gaskets to match some of the most odd shaped and size flanges (engine gaskets, pipe flange gaskets, turbine gaskets, etc.) for all types of industrial applications.  We’ll provide you with information and pricing on every type and kind of gasket, pump & valve packing, sheet material, rubber, expansion joints and o-rings for your particular application.  Contact us at our Farmington, NM branch at 505-325-9806 or at our Brighton, CO branch at 303-655-8315 and talk with anyone of our inside sales experts.


  • We can fabricate special shaped gaskets reducing expensive OEM replacement costs, long lead times and maintain product integrity.
  • Free warehouse survey for all your gasket and related sealing products – resulting in a catalog of part numbers, samples or patterns for ease of ordering and product accuracy.
  • Reduced turn-around times on special gaskets within two to three days.
  • Free on site gasket consulting service and gasket measuring.
  • Engineering Support: Tyler Blades has been working with Four States Gasket and Rubber, Inc. for the last 4 years, recently graduating with his Mechanical Engineering degree from NMSU in the spring of 2019. Tyler has now come aboard full time and can assist customers with any engineering questions or concerns. Please contact Tyler through our Farmington, NM office at (505)325-9806 or through email at Tblades@fourstatesgasket.com. He can assist customer for both branches.

Here’s an example of a metal gasket board we helped one of our customers set up in their warehouse.  This system helped them keep accurate inventory of their metal gaskets.

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