Leading Through Uncertain times

It’s no joke.  We are living through some of the most uncertain and unsettling times many of us have ever experienced.  And it’s also no joke that the burden for leaders to, well lead, is needed now as much as ever.  To be able to stay focused on what’s important, remain calm, take appropriate action and help others do the same is critical to the long term success of the organizations, departments or the work teams we are a part of.

In renowned leadership expert John Maxwell’s blog post Leading Through Frightening Times , he provides practical and common sense guidance on how best to lead through the times we find ourselves in.

Here’s a brief Summary of Maxwell’s main points.

  1. Be a visible presence.  Your presence, physically, mentally and emotionally can do a lot to curb the fear and uncertainty that your team may be experiencing.  Don’t hide away behind closed doors.  That does nothing to foster the confidence camaraderie your people need.
  2. Acknowledge the fear, but don’t empower it.  Our job as leaders is to define reality.  However, stick to the facts.  Don’t over blow the situation.  We’re all getting enough of that from everyday media.
  3. Paint a brighter picture. Be forward thinking.  All things will pass.  Point towards the future and how things will be better and how we all we be stronger as a result of our present trial and challenges.
  4. Be cautious with predictions, but generous with hope.  As you point to the future, remember, you can’t predict with 100% certainty what will happen.  But you can think of others first and help them through to a better future.  Be thankful for each day, praise the good work of others, be generous with your interactions. Hope is the fuel that helps people move foward.

When fear and uncertainty seem to rule the everyday messages we all are constantly bombarded with.  Maxwell offers a dose of sanity for those of us responsible for keeping things together, getting the job done and moving forward in the most productive, safe and thriving way possible.

Stay safe, do all you can to stay healthy and move forward with a clear, accurate and hopeful attitude.  What you say and do matters.  Faithfulness to your duty will reap rewards that lesser leaders will never know.  This too shall pass.  Keep the faith.

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